Why Men Don’t Talk About Sex with Armando Cabba, Painter, Writer & TEDx Speaker

In this episode of Intimacy Play, Mikaela is joined by Armando Cabba, a painter, writer, and TEDx speaker, to share his thoughts on the importance of male sex positivity.

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How does Armando interpret sex positivity from the male perspective?

Armando believes that men should move beyond the point of treating sex as an act and start talking more about personal pleasures, turn-ons, male sensuality, and other related topics.

The lack of sex-positivity in men is because society creates the idea of vulnerability as a weakness.

Promoting male sex-positivity

The way to help people become more male sex-positive lies in educating them from their teenage years about intimacy, sexuality, and pleasure. Another solution is surrounding yourself with people who will encourage you to become more vulnerable and honest.

Armando’s tips for men who are looking to explore different aspects of sexual fulfillment

Firstly, don’t be ashamed of or put a negative label on whatever you’re trying to experience. Secondly, be open and talk about your ideas with your partner and friends.

Reshaping the concept of “being a REAL man”

Armando believes people should get past “real men” stereotypes, like always being strong, rough, or aggressive, and start acting according to their interests and not social norms or views.

How does Armando keep his relationship open, exciting, and intimate?

Armando doesn’t put pressure on the relationship, especially when it comes to sex. He believes the best way is to keep things natural and be relaxed. But also to communicate with your partner about sexual desires and try new things occasionally.

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