How Your Relationship can Benefit from Sex Toys

Photo by We-Vibe WOW Tech on Unsplash

Did you know, introducing sex toys into your relationship can make it stronger?! Sex toys can improve communication, and inject some adventure and fun into your relationship. They can play a big role in improving and strengthening the bond with your partner and can also add a whole new dimension to your sex lives! 

If you don’t believe us yet, here are three ways sex toys can benefit your relationship: 

  1. Better Sex:

Sex toys bring excitement and new experiences to the bedroom. The best part is they enhance pleasure for everyone – all sexes, races and genders! 

Sex toys are not just for self pleasure – I know that’s what you might be thinking –  they actually work to enhance couples pleasure and can be used during penetrative sex. Certain sex toys are made specifically so that they can ensuring simultaneous stimulation of both partners. Sex toys can spice up your sex life, bringing more fun, pleasure, and extra orgasms – what could be bad about that?!  

  1. Increased Intimacy:

Connecting physically as well as emotionally is important for any relationship. Not only do sex toys enhance a relationship in the physical sense and help you to have better sex (with more orgasms), but they can also bring you closer together in an emotional way.

Introducing something new into your relationship requires communication with your partner. Opening up with each other and exploring new things together strengthens your bond and can make you feel more emotionally connected.

  1. More Fun:

Let’s be honest, sometimes in relationships you go through periods of monotony, including in your sex life. Exploring new things together as a couple injects some adventurousness and fun into a relationship. Trying something new together, like a sex toy, injects excitement into the relationship and breaks up the routine! But, now you might wonder, “what toys or products should I get and how do I use them?”

Great question and don’t worry we’ve got you covered! Pleasy Play is a subscription service that provides a box of intimate toys and products every two months as well as an app where you get weekly challenges to help you explore your box of products and have more fun in your relationship.

Each Pleasy Box contains four intimate, playful and high quality products from well known brands like Satisfyer, Shunga and Tenga, just to name a few. You’ll not only receive toys but also products such as lube, massage candles, and other fun things to help spice things up.

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