Helping Black Women Have Better Sex with Ashley Cobb, Sex Blogger, Educator and Influencer

In this episode of Intimacy Play, Mikaela is joined by Ashley Cobb, sex blogger, educator, and influencer, to discuss why black women are more reserved when talking about sex, how to help black women be more open about their sex lives, and tips for people in a relationship to have better sex.

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What does Ashley do as a sex influencer?

Ashley writes about sex and uses her platforms to bring awareness and educate people about sex related topics. 

The driving force behind Ashley’s mission is to help black women have better sexual experiences

Ashley thinks that black women have a particular way of talking about sexuality: being more reserved. She wanted to create a place for black women to become more comfortable and open when talking about sex.

Tips for people in a relationship on making sex better

Figure out what you like and don’t like. One place to start is the: “Yes, No, Maybe Sex Survey” that can complete with your partner, explore a list of sexual experiences, and find out what you are willing to try.

What are the main things that can positively and negatively influence your sex life?

Ashley believes some positive aspects include being open-minded about sex, communicating your desires to your partner, and trying new experiences to understand what you like. The negative aspects are the exact opposite of these positive ones.

How Ashley keeps her relationship open, exciting, and intimate?

Ashley states that she simply remains open to new experiences with her partner and explores them when the time is right!

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