Virtual Sex and Positive Body Image with Eva Bloom, Sex Educator at What’s My Body Doing?

In this episode of Intimacy Play, Mikaela Silva is joined by Eva Bloom, a Sex Educator at What’s My Body Doing? to talk about virtual sex, cultivating a positive body image and what it means to be a queer sex educator.

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What it means to be a queer sex educator

In an attempt to broaden people’s view about what sex and sexuality mean… Eva talks about sexuality both from her own and other people’s perspective. Eva shares that we need to get past the classic perception of sex as a simple interaction between a man and a woman. People have different experiences, sexual orientations, ways of having sex and expressing intimacy.

The idea behind Eva’s eBook “A Compassionate Guide to Sexuality and COVID-19” 

Eva wrote the eBook for people who struggled to understand or manifest their sexuality during COVID-19. Over time, she has collected information and data that could help people understand their sexuality and have a better and more intimate sex life, all from the comfort of a lockdown.

Stopping sexual marginalization

People consider talking about sex near people with disabilities as taboo and in the process, desexualise them. However, Eva thinks we should move past this stereotype, as people with disabilities can also express and feel sexual pleasure.

Quick tips for distant couples to keep their relationship spicy and intimate

Eva says you should try to experience virtual and phone sex with your partner or let them choose some sex toys you can use with them.

How to keep your relationship open, exciting, and intimate?

Communication is crucial, and couples should talk about their desires, do’s and don’ts during sex. You can also choose new and exciting activities to do together, like watching porn or experiencing new sex toys. 

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