Female Sexual Dysfunction with Fran Bushe, Award-Winning Comedian, Writer and Performer

In this episode of Intimacy Play, Mikaela is joined by Fran Bushe, Award-Winning Comedian, Writer, and Performer.

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Speak up about female sexual dysfunction

Much of Fran’s experience with sex started with her not enjoying herself. Then… the more she talked about her sexual problems, the more other people started opening up to her. This helped her feel less alone, which ultimately enabled her to come to terms with her challenges with female sexual dysfunction.

Why don’t people talk about sexual problems?

A lot of people’s preconceived notions around sex centre on pleasure and a sense of perfection. It can be frightening to reveal your sexual dysfunctions to your partner (or other people). Talking about something so intimate and personal puts you in a very vulnerable position.

The symptoms that indicate you may have FSD

The main symptons for female sexual dysfunction are pain during sex, low arousal, and difficulty orgasming.

Understand that having sexual dysfunctions is not a sign of being broken

If you have FSD, you are not “broken”, you simply need to learn to talk about these problems, about what you think and like about sex. You can use lubrication, sex toys, and other things that will help you feel pleasure. Be more flexible and don’t think about sex just as penetration. Give yourself the best chance to have the best time. 

Fran’s solo theatre performanceAD LIBIDO”

In “AD LIBIDO” Fran describes her personal experience with sexual dysfunctions, giving tips to people with the same problems so that they can overcome the anxiety and deal with their own issues.

How to keep the relationship open, exciting, and intimate when having FSD?

Talk about it, and keep an open-mind.

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