A Valentines Day Special with Alice Broster, Journalist at Forbes, Metro UK and The Huffington Post

In this episode of Intimacy Play, Mikaela and Natalie of Pleasy Play are joined by Alice Broster, a Journalist at Forbes, Metro UK & The Huffington Post to respond to listener questions about relationships, intimacy and of course… Valentines Day.

Learn more about Alice:

How and why did Alice start writing about health, tech, and sex?

Everybody loves talking about relationships, though people often try to minimise conversation topics like relationship problems, sex education, emotions, LGBT relationships, masturbation, etc. Alice wants to help people open up and make people understand that it is not shameful to express their thoughts about these subjects.

Valentine’s Day is the single, most-important romantic day of the year – true or false?

Alice believes that people put too much pressure on Valentine’s Day. It is nice to spend time with your partner and get presents. But you don’t need it as an excuse to have the best sex of your life or to wear something bolder. You can do these things anytime.

How do you know if someone is the one?

People have different views on this. You need to be conscious of compatibility. Look for those and don’t compromise. If you feel inspired, have a great conversation with each other, it may give some indicators. But don’t put too much pressure on them if they are not the one. 

What are some tips on how to keep your relationship exciting and fresh?

Alice shares that it’s useful to have separation during the day, not working in the same room, for example. Try doing enjoyable things together, like cooking dinner and watching a great movie. Add something special, spontaneous, and new. You have to put in the effort.

What is the impact of lockdown on mental health?

It’s hard to verbalise how you feel sometimes, shares Alice. Speak to yourself, try to find the words that explain your mood. Communication is the key, let your partner know you aren’t trying to push them away. Open communication will help you stay mentally healthy.

If someone in a relationship has cheated, is it possible to regain trust and repair everything?

We all have different boundaries. Give yourself some time and understand how you feel about the situation and your partner. But it’s important to talk about it. Have open communication and see what happens next; your partner deserves to be happy, just as you do. 

Tips for an enjoyable Valentines Day

It is not really about what you do, but about intimacy, communication, and being together. Not being on your phone, not thinking about daily activities, but enjoying the time together. Go for a walk, have coffee or dinner, discover new sex toys, and try new things. But most importantly: talk

How to keep your relationship open, exciting, and intimate?

Have open communication, explain how you feel emotionally, and always strive to cultivate intimacy. Keep things exciting and try new things.

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