Fantasy, Female Empowerment & Why People Cheat with Emma Sayle, Founder of Killing Kittens

In this episode of Intimacy Play, Mikaela is joined by Emma Sayle, Founder of Killing Kittens to discuss fantasy, female empowerment and why people cheat.

Learn more about Emma and Killing Kittens:

How can couples ensure and retain “the fun” in a relationship?

Communication and effort are key. In a relationship, everything involves effort. You have to put the work in to succeed. 

But most importantly, you have to put effort into communication. Here is where most couples fail. Women especially need to feel listened to, and men need to make that effort to listen to what they’re saying. 

Emma states that another key aspect is diversity, either in daily activities or sex, where men should try to understand what the woman wants and make an effort to give her that. 

How can Killing Kittens help couples, and how can you join the community?

It is easy to join the Killing Kittens community: either access the website or download their iOS or Android app. After you register and verify, you could sign up like any other social media platform. 

There is no age limit to attend the events. These are organised for anyone around the world, according to their time zones. 

How can couples use the Killing Kittens platform to enhance their relationship?

Emma states that there is a specific couples chat group. And you can listen to how other couples talk, and can ask questions. 

You can attend one or two webinars and masterclasses a week about rope play, how to use it in the bedroom, how to play with sex toys and how to explore your sexuality. 

Killing Kittens has an entire range of events where you can have a lot of fun. 

How to change your perception about sex toys

Emma urges us to change our perception of sex toys… she calls them: “toys… but for adults” furthermore Emma states that the “whole men feeling threatened by a sex toy needs to go away”.

Sex toys are more of a tool you can use together again to explore your sex lives and have more “fun”, and apparently more and more couples are using them!

Three tips from Emma to help couples be more open, and have a more exciting relationship

  • Keep it simple, honest and open-minded to new ideas
  • Communication and effort are crucial
  • Spice things up

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