Squirting, Orgasms and Micro-cheating with Annabele Knight, Sex and Relationship Expert

In this episode of Intimacy Play, Mikaela is joined by Annabelle Knight, Sex & Relationships Expert to discuss an interesting story about squirting, the concept of micro-cheating and how couples can have more sex.

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Two types of intimacy

Annabelle shares that the easiest type of intimacy is simply “being naked with someone”, this is intimacy on the physical level. The second and more elusive, deeper form of intimacy is on the emotional level and often is cultivated through deep conversations.

The challenge of sexual communication

Like Florence Bark mentioned in a previous episode of this podcast: people sometimes find it hard to talk about sex. Annabelle shares one simple strategy though…

Instead of talking about sex, experimentation can lead to more openness about sex without necessarily having to communicate verbally. You can just try new things with your partner without having to have that awkward conversation.

How romance novels can transform your sex life

Annabelle specifically aimed to include a diverse array of sexual experiences in her romance novel: The Endless Autumn, to help inspire couples to try new things in the bedroom. Though interestingly Annabelle also includes masturbation in this category: “masturbation is the key to a healthy sex life just like a lime is to a good gin and tonic”.

Erogenous zones are not just sexual

Annabelle shares that erogenous zones are not just those directly related to sex. For example, soft stroking and head massages can build anticipation for and lead to better sex. Furthermore, everyone has different erogenous zones, so both parties within a couple should invest in discovering their own.

Introducing sex toys into a relationship

If one member of a couple would like to introduce a sex toy into a relationship then often the worst (and most common) way to do this is to buy one as a gift… Why? Because the other partner feels like it’s being forced upon them.

Instead, try shopping for sex toys together and bring the other member of the couple into the purchase process to ensure that it becomes an inclusive experience. And if you don’t end up buying one, then no worries… you don’t need sex toys to have great sex.

Annabelle’s two favourite sex toys

First: a vibrating love ring as they provide pleasure for anyone with a penis… and even if there are two vaginas in the scenario you can attach the ring to a static sex toy to produce a vibrator.

Second: a bottle of lube… simply because it takes all the pressure off! It may be hard to get aroused when things are buys at work. Without lube, this could become an impediment to sex, but lube will “literally help you glide into better, more fulfilling sex”.

And as a bonus… Annabelle shares a sex toy that could help with female ejaculation… commonly known as “squirting”. It’s a G Spot sex toy that is rigid, with a long handle that will stimulate this area, that can increase the likelihood of “squirting”.

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