5 Positions That Give Women More Pleasure

Do you know the best positions to give women pleasure or as a woman receive pleasure? Women are all different but according to psychologists Specailising in sexuality, Julianna Bonetti Simao and Sandra Vasques, these positions increase contact between the clitoris and the partner’s body, or allow for more manual/ toy stimulation in order to enhance pleasure. 

1-  Lotus

The man sits with his legs crossed. The woman sits on top of him, while she wraps her leg around her partner he also wraps his legs around her body. It allows for kisses and caresses in addition to elevating the vagina and thus increasing the contact area of ​​the genital region and the friction of the clitoris – especially if the hips are close. Rock towards each other for a faster way to orgasm.

2-  Spooning

The woman lies on her side, while her partner lies behind her. The brushing of the buttocks with the partner’s body increases arousal for both, in addition to being a comfortable position that allows him to kiss her on the neck or ears. However the real secret is that the man has his hands free to access and stimulate the clitoris with his hand or with a vibrator.

3-  Leapfrog

This position is an alternative to  “Doggy style.” Here the woman stretches out her hands and the man penetrates from behind. It allows the man to penetrate deeper, and to easily control the penetration, while also being able to touch his partnership. Stimulation of the breasts and clitoris are essential to increase desire and libido in this position.

For those who like it, the use of toys, or a finger, in the anal area can also be a great driver of her orgasm.

4- Padlock

The woman sits with her buttocks on the end of a table and her partner stands in front of her. She then crosses her legs behind his hips, putting pressure on him with her feet and helping to command the movement. In this position, the clitoris rubs against the her partner’s body while the man can use his hands to stimulate and caress his partner’s breasts. This position allows for increased intimacy including eye contact and kissing. 

5-  Mission Impossible

The couple stands up, with her back to him and him facing his partner’s body. The woman slightly opens her legs and lowers her torso, resting her hands on a wall or on her knees. He penetrates her from behind, pulling the woman’s waist towards his hip. There are many advantages to this position: It stimulates your fantasy as it can be done anywhere – including in front of a mirror; makes the man dominate the situation – which makes many women aroused and it also allows him or her to stimulate the clitoris and breasts.

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